Physical Information

In previous lectures, we knew that information can be transformed into different forms and type. It could be energy, just like light and sound. There are also physical information from our environment. Physical information can affect our physical reaction.

In the lecture, I am quite impressed by the case study which is studying about how embodiment of adults in a body of a child might influence. In the experiment we could know how VR can help us to fulfil the setup. Technology has changed the world and it could let us do a lot of things that we cannot imagine during the past. With different new technology, we could collect more data than we used to be, just like this experience. With the data we could generate useful information and discover more our world, create new theory and method.

Therefore, I think it is good to learn different form of information, so that we could use our imagination and creativity, along with the information to make our would become a better place.


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